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Be part of the dream!

Mint your VIP PASS

Exclusive access to the YourVerse project. Each badge owned will entitle you to an exclusive property within the TheSandbox YourVerse experience.

Modern Architecture

1000 NFT

why now?

copertina yourverse nft.jpg


you can have a DELUXE or

a VIP apartment...

What are you waiting for?

Reveal by the end of 2023​

  • DELUXE apartments

  • VIP apartments

  • ROBOT apartments



  • BILLBOARDS of different sizes

why invest?

By investing in YourVerse, you are investing in the future. At each property beyond the enjoyment of the experience, the return of image, and what you decide to buy (eg shop that leads to purchases by visitors to the City), there will be frequent Airdrops and events that will allow to increase the value of your property. The experience will be open to all and the Grand Central Palace, which will be built in the center of the LAND, will be able to host concerts, events, fashion shows, professional meetings, streaming, gaming, as well as museum exhibitions and this will create a large flow of visits and growing interest in owning a part of the City. Furthermore, the great engine will be the public figures, who, having believed in the project,

will be able to give increasing visibility to...



​What is YourVerse?

YourVerse is a set of real estate properties developed on a 2x2 Land that proposes the first concept of Real Estate timeshares in The Sandbox metaverse, 1000 real estate units converted to NFTs to be exact.

What properties are present in YourVerse?

DELUXE apartments, VIP apartments, ROBOT apartments, SHOPS, MEGASTORE
BILLBOARDS of different sizes, each with its own privileged position.


What is the use of having a YourVersenft?

Owning an NFT is equivalent to the exclusive possession of one of the thousand properties developed on Earth. Owner side, owning an apartment gives you the possibility to create private events, such as parties for example, with exclusive access, to which
invite your friends. Furthermore, as holder, you will participate in all the events on the land, with airdrops, mystery egg hunts, seasoned with NFTs of
international collections, awards and incentives from partners on earth. On the Company side, in possession of an NFT, such as a Shop for example, gives the possibility to create one's own events in an always open land, possibility to customize your own exhibition space and create public events. In addition, companies have the option of renting part of the Gran
Central Palace, all of this will be able to give a great image return.

Customization packages will later be revealed to make your real estate unit unique and increase its value.

Is it possible to rent a real estate unit?

It will be possible to do it for companies immediately, which will create a contract through Metafutura rent. Later there will be implementations to make the rent expandable on all properties.

Do all properties have the same value?

Absolutely not, the value is very different from one property to another. The ability to mint
now one of the 1000 NFTs randomly, converges with on the one hand the thanks of being an early adopter as well as a supporter of the Project, on the other hand the good fortune of being able to receive an asset with a much more important value than the cost of minting.

When will it be possible to access the Land?

Entry into Yourverse will be possible by the end of the year 2023.

Are NFTs transferable?

Absolutely yes, everyone can dispose of his property as he sees fit, keeping it or reselling it in the marketplace.

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