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Meta Futura is a development team specialized in experiences in The Sandbox metaverse. We are Italian and equipped with excellent imagination, communicative character and a perfectionist style, we are able to develop virtual worlds and experiences on commission. Imagination and creativity are the means with which we carry out our work and also our business card.


Mr. Gold has been working as a freelance creator voxelartist for The Sandbox for two years, has created more than 300 assets and sold more than 3000, is a profound connoisseur of the game maker and voxedit is a skilled programmer of games and experiences. He is also collaborate with The Sandbox as ambassador for the Italian community.








Victor-inox a creative with the mania of order, a musician and storyline designer







XDiamondsx  creative very skilled with drawings and animations, works on architecture and sculpture





Veronica Alfieri Illustrator and graphic designer. She graduated in Graphic Design from the F. Orioli school in Viterbo. You attended the Comics school in Rome. You have an excellent knowledge of Adobe Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop and Premiere. From 2009 to 2016 she worked as an illustrator at the Edital Vidi agency, taking care of their coloring books for children. I have had collaborations with some well-known Italian customers, such as Duchessa Lia, Balbi Soprani, Avis, Martini. She is currently working on a comic forthcoming with “Risveglio” and with Il Capitello Edizioni as an illustrator of children's books.

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