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YourVerse is a city created in a 2x2 property in the Metaverse of The Sandbox, a container of virtual properties, events and exhibition spaces that will give life to digital property buying and selling operations in the metaverse via NFTs. The purchases are therefore signed via smart contracts, intelligent contracts that exploit the blockchain to define non-modifiable and extremely sophisticated transactions, with the deposit of the purchased NFTs in the buyer's wallet.

The project was born in June 2022, over $40,000 was invested in its development which will be completed for its release scheduled for June 2024.

It will be an open city, with continuous initiatives that will attract new visitors, in fact it is based on a concept of a multiplayer platform, appreciated by the player side and useful as a marketing tool for the companies that will be part of it, in fact they will be able to take advantage of spaces dedicated to them dedicated, aimed at reconverting the user.

Market and Target



age range
15-46 years

Companies with

strong digital traction

Digital investors



Business Model

1. Sale and Rental of Virtual Properties:

  • YourVerse will continue to offer virtual properties in the form of NFTs, categorized by rarity and usefulness. The "YourVerse Properties City" collection includes various types of properties, such as Megastore, VIP Apartment, Shop, Deluxe Apartment, Robot Apartment and Billboard, each with its own peculiarities and functionality.

  • To increase buyer and tenant interest, new property types and customizations will be introduced, offering a wide range of options to suit individual needs.

2. Virtual Platform and Development:

  • YourVerse will maintain and develop its virtual platform to ensure an immersive and interactive experience for users. The platform allows users to explore and view available properties in a detailed and realistic manner.

  • In addition to being present in The Sandbox metaverse, YourVerse will explore expansion into other emerging metaverses, allowing users to interact with properties in different virtual contexts.

3. Marketing and Promotion:

  • YourVerse will offer marketing solutions for businesses interested in promoting their businesses within the virtual experience. These solutions include standard, deluxe and VIP packages, with customized sponsorship, giveaway and visibility options.

  • Fun, multiplayer games will be organized to engage the community and increase interaction with the properties. Additionally, sponsors will be sought for events and activities within YourVerse, offering visibility to interested companies.

4. Sale of advertising spaces and Premium services:

  • YourVerse will continue to sell advertising space to investors and companies interested in reaching the platform's target market. These advertising spaces can be customized to meet the specific needs of companies, ensuring greater user engagement.

  • Furthermore, premium services will be offered to buyers and tenants, such as promotional services linked to the companies present and other advanced options to improve the user experience developed directly by Metafutura.

5. International Expansion and Partnership:

  • YourVerse aims to expand its offering internationally, establishing partnerships with NFT and other trading companies around the world. This includes a particular focus on the Asian market, recognized for its growing adoption of blockchain and NFT technologies.

  • The international partnerships will allow YourVerse to broaden its user base and increase its global presence, benefiting both buyers and tenants, as well as businesses interested in advertising within the metaverse.

Key activities:

  • Development and maintenance of the virtual platform

  • Development of a Website platform that allows property management

  • Identification of sales agencies and secondary markets

  • Sale of advertising space and premium services to investors and companies

  • Marketing and promotion of the service to buyers and tenants

Future plans (1):

Our future plans include expanding our offering internationally, establishing partnerships with NFT trading companies around the world, with an eye towards the Asian world, and developing new features and services to enhance the experience of users and companies. We also plan to develop YourVerse in other metaverses beyond that of The Sandbox.

Future plans (2):

Since June 2022 we have completed the terraforming and game dynamics, adapting the entire YourVerse ecosystem to the updates of The Sandbox platform on a monthly basis.

Since January 2024 YourVerse has been present in the Opensea secondary market for the purchase of some of the properties. Previously the major supporters of our projects in the Metaverse received an airdrop of a part of the properties while a small sales round was activated. 145 properties remain available at MetaFutura, which will be made available for the crowdfunding event.


With these strategies and goals, YourVerse is well positioned to grow and succeed in the virtual real estate market and digital marketing industry by offering an innovative, unique and engaging experience to users and businesses.

Short and Medium Term Objectives

The metaverse is a tool yet to be fully discovered, but certainly with great potential. The objective of YourVerse is to create an economic circuit in a virtual city ideally with unlimited potential thanks to the many possibilities of use and remuneration on the player and company side.

img corr 2_edited.jpg

Short Term Objective

In the short term, the objective is to assign all 600 properties, making the city "alive", with new daily presences interested in participating in the daily and weekly events organized by Metafutura and the partners present in the city. Connect it to external Partners to increasingly grow the Brand.

  • Acquire a number of visitors/players such as to be strategically interesting for a marketing investment by companies.

  • Develop business agreements for business growth and establish periodic rewards for visitors.

  • Creation of dedicated website for visitor and marketplace interaction.

Medium-Term Objective

  • Increase the number of investors through personalization within the YourVerse city (dedicated material and advertising space).

  • Create events by external companies, within the city.

  • Create new collections and sales rounds by constantly motivating presence within YourVerse.

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