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A new event is coming!  Discord to participate in the upcoming contests Signed MetaFutura!


Collect as many tickets as you can to have more chances to win!






We use the Zealy platform to monitor your progress in various quests. Let's see together how it works...

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Once you become a part of the community, the first 4 basic quests will be unlocked: "Follow our channels" and

"Join our Discord."

After completing the first 4 quests, all Collector quests from the NFT Collection "LAUNCH" that are available for purchase will be unlocked.


(To complete these quests, you need to buy one of our NFTs, take a screenshot of the transaction on ethscan, and send it to us. The screenshot must show the address, token ID, and quantity.)

There are 3 NFT quests in increasing order, each offering higher rewards but requiring a higher possession of NFTs related to the quest.

By purchasing NFTs from the "LAUNCH" collection, you unlock the opportunity to participate in missions with daily rewards:

  • Rat: Grants access to the first week of missions.

  • Cart: Grants access to the second week of missions.

  • Elf: Grants access to the third week of missions.

  • Fountain: Grants access to the final week of missions.

  • All 4 together grant access to the Final Wheel x Land.

Every day, there will be numerous rewards available through a spinning wheel, with winners being drawn at the end of the current week's gameplay in a live streaming event with Sandbox Italia. (Additionally, there will be ticket prizes for each quest.)

Each day, a new mission will be unlocked. Some quests will require review by Meta Futura to obtain rewards (upon completing the quest, you will unlock a CLAIM QUEST that asks you to send a screenshot of the Twitter post made to initiate the review). Others will immediately provide rewards if the correct answer is given.



In the first 3 weeks, on the last day of the current week, an additional NFT from the "LAUNCH" collection will be put up for grabs, providing a chance to win access to quests in the following week.

Additionally, there are Partner quests. Starting from the launch of Zealy, completing the initial 4 quests will unlock FOLLOW partner quests that immediately grant ticket rewards and unlock in-game quests dedicated to partners.


Requirements to participate in the LAND Wheel:

  • Possess at least one of each of the 4 NFTs from the "LAUNCH" collection.

At the end of all phases, a winner of the LAND will be drawn. Candidates will be selected and entered into the wheel, with one name per ticket they possess. Each ticket is equal to 1 ENTRY. More tickets mean a higher chance of winning the LAND.

How to accumulate tickets: Tickets are earned based on the experience gained from completing quests,

where each XP is considered as 1 🎟️ (1XP = 1🎟️).


By completing daily quests, you are entered into the daily wheel, and winners will be drawn at the beginning of the following week to allow everyone time to complete quests at their own pace.

All quests will remain active throughout the entire period of TheLegendOfTheMiner's opening, providing everyone with an opportunity to earn tickets and try to win the LAND. After the daily wheel draw, prizes that have already been won will not be awarded again.

A Twitch live event with TheSandboxItalia will be held where winners from all the wheels of the previous week will be drawn, approximately 6 wheels with around 2 winners per wheel, totaling 12 winners.

Foto Sfondo miners_edited_edited.jpg


What is the Zealy Mission Timeline's functioning?


  • Once you join the community, you unlock the first 4 basic quests: follow our channels and Discord.

  • After completing these quests, all Collector NFT quests from the LAUNCH collection will be unlocked.

  • There are 3 NFT quests in increasing order, each offering higher rewards with a higher requirement to possess the NFT of the quest.


How can you participate in daily reward missions?


  • By purchasing NFTs from the LAUNCH collection, you gain access to daily missions with rewards.

  • Different NFTs (Rat, Cart, Elf, and Fountain) grant access to different weeks of missions.

  • Collecting all four NFTs allows access to the Final Wheel x Land.


What is the process for participating in the Wheel and claiming rewards?


  • Complete quests and wait for the reward.

  • Tons of rewards will be available in daily quests with a draw at the end of the current game week 

  • Some missions need to be reviewed by Meta Futura for reward claims, while others offer immediate rewards for correct answers.


How does the Quest Advancement work in the first three weeks?


  • On the last day of each week, an additional NFT from the LAUNCH collection is put up for grabs, giving access to the quests of the following week.

  • Completing the initial 4 quests unlocks FOLLOW partner quests, providing immediate ticket rewards and in-game partner-dedicated quests.


What are the requirements to participate in the Land Wheel?


  • To participate in the Land Wheel, you need to own at least one of each of the four NFTs from the LAUNCH collection.

  • At the end of all phases, a winner will be drawn for the LAND prize.

  • Tickets are earned based on the experience gained from completing quests, with 1 XP equal to 1 ticket.

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